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CNC Cutting Routing Machine

"Computer Numerical Controlled" commonly known as CNC, is a complex computer driven machine capable of many and various tasks within the joinery industry including CNC cutting of vision panels, hinges, locks and letterboxes in timber doors, CNC routing of specialist or repetitive designs and signage in panels such as plywood, MDF, solid timber, plastics and vinyl laminates, CNC produced staircase components are yet another application which the CNC machine undertakes swiftly and to absolute accuracy and like the other tasks in a fraction of the time a traditional joiner would take to complete.

The CNC is controlled from a sophisticated software program called "Top Solid " implemented and programmed by our CNC co-ordinator and draughtsman Steve Holbrook, in control of choosing the correct tools for the job from the automatic tool loading magazine, to programming the exact instructions to the CNC machine for cutting and routing the proposed timber prior to manufacture by our experienced CNC operators.

Cavendish Joinery are a forward thinking company in all respects, having recently acquired and installed the CNC machinery to embrace the current technology of CNC production to ensure a perfect product, in acceptable delivery periods at competitive prices.